JavaScript fatigue is real. A recent survey showed that 33% of developers feel the JavaScript ecosystem is changing too fast. We regularly make satirical Medium posts and #lolsob tweets about how, as soon as we've gotten comfortable with how a tool works, someone introduces a newer, better, cooler way to do the same thing.

To keep up, we could try to be a sponge and spend all our spare time at user groups; reading docs, tutorials and source code; or working through online courses and training videos. Or we could decide that saying "I don't know" is empowering, stop comparing ourselves so harshly to others, flex our critical thinking skills, learn about core software patterns that tend to repeat themselves, and focus only on the tools that best solve our problems.

Learning to separate the signal from the noise means we can spend less time picking tools and more time solving real problems, and become masters of the tools we do choose.

This blog will spend time looking at specific technologies, but with a focus on harnessing and learning these powerful skills, so we can put down our work at the end of the day, enjoy our free time and sleep well at night.

Care to join me?